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For a year I thought Fyde was somewhat useless. I mean it does block a lot of click ad type stuff and well it’s a free app. I didn’t expect much. But today I was on Instagram and clicked on one of those Instagram commercials and it blocked it. Like literally slapped the malware out my phone. Thank you for that. So I’m giving you 5 stars cause of the VPN and that you and your team are looking out for us with phishing sites and what not. Just please be kind when data mining our info.I let my cousin watch YouTube on my phone and I left the room to use the bathroom when I came back I see a notification pop up saying that they saved my phone from a website I told my cousin happened and he said he got free v bucks so I had to tell him why not go on website like that because all they do is steal from people but I think his 7 year old brain didn’t care top app store optimisation company . So that my story of my cousin almost scam me and took my information

It runs local, does what it says it does, zero config and it’s free. I mean what more can you possibly want. I’ve been using it since the pre-release version on both macbook and iphone. It had some issues before but the latest versions have made it rock solid for me. I forget that it’s there. Really great work Fyde team. You should be proud of bringing a product of this simplicity that works for free to the masses. My congratulations to the developers of this security tool. I have been in security for over 30 years, with Cisco, PWC, IBM and Accenture, and seen the progression of security products. This app looks very well thought out, and it is easy to install and use. Information is readily available, if I choose to investigate something it has blocked.

 I would hazard a guess that most consumers have no idea how much data mining is done on their devices without their knowledge. You should really give this app a try and start educating yourself to the security and privacy risks you are exposed to just by virtue of using your mobile device. This app is a tremendous value to blocking those vulnerabilities. Developers: If you guys ever decide to make this even more robust, I for one would be glad to pay a fee for continued security reporting features and additional security checks. Keep up the great work! Fyde is an excellent, free VPN. A couple of my family members and I use it, and together we have been alerted of risks and anomaly’s picked up by Fyde. Fyde helps me and my family stay safe on the internet, and I would highly recommend it as a free VPN. -One star for a free app -One star for  easy usage -One star for simplicity and organization -One star for excellent service on a free app -One star for effectiveness, and proficient alerts when the user may be at risk.Thanks for keeping me and my family safe! app store optimization service

This app has changed my iPhone life!!! I now can actually use my phone in peace. It actually blocks even the worst of the worst malware & browser redirects. Obnoxious ads & tracking were also draining my battery completely each day despite my constantly deleting the TONS of abnormal cookies that would appear each day on my phone & occasionally having to disable java. I love you FYDE!!! On a side note, I did initially have to make small tweaks in settings so that Fyde would have its’ push updates ready everyday (so that periods where it would appear not to work didn’t occur). I also looked at the list of sites that Fyde blocks & Added some to the