Can one buy app downloads the same way one can buy Facebook Likes

Can one buy app downloads the same way one can buy Facebook Likes

Yes of course you can buy downloads -app downloads like people buy fb likes

It’s actually more beneficial if one buy installs rather than facebook likes. Meant to say , buying facebook likes sounds very fake and truly unreliable because it can be caught easily and most of people don’t like the concept of buying likes but it is opposite in the case of buying installs. Buying installs sounds like real installs where real people will download your app and install it in their device and actually use it so no one can say that buying installs is fake, in fact it is booster for app, it sets app on fire and illuminates the rays of app to every possible corner or in easy words catch the attention of potential customers and spread awareness also. 

Why you would buy installs why not organic installs?

It’s not like we are guiding you wrong. Indeed, developers or app marketers want real installs, downloads but it’s really not easy many of them don’t get even 1000installs within a year. Publishing app in the app market is not only sufficient you have to do many things or apply many strategies to grab people’s attention. Timely investment would be more suitable rather than sitting and only making unnecessary adjustments. Your app can grab people’s attention only when you get top rankings and how you will reach at that point we will describe it to you in an understandable form.

Achieving higher rankings 

Installs, uninstalls rate, app ratings & reviews, usage retention, keywords. You can improve rank by optimizing keywords, by receiving greater no. of installs encourage your users to rate and review your app, and always put the best features in it. Improving android app ranking by country is not only beneficial but also will lead you to play long term in the app market and get some recognition as it will also increase your goodwill and whenever you will introduce some new app in appstore ,your app will collect enough downloads , reviews , ratings and top ranks in the app store ratings.

To complement app downloads , you need-

Top ratings

Along with installs, downloads, ratings are also significant. Ratings are the first thing that a user notices before even opening app’s page. Higher ratings are always preferred first. Ratings show that many people have downloaded the app and they have amazing journey with it. Ratings are somehow very important and are equally needed with large no. of downloads. Ratings are part of visibility also if one app has large installs but low rating then people will think low of ap. So, to complement with app ratings must always be there.

Positive reviews

Reviews like ratings are also very significant. Like if you have 1000rs to spend and you want to go at a very fine restaurant which serves most delicious food but you don’t know to visit which place or which one is best? What will you do? Obviously, you will ask your close relatives or friends or you will inquire about no. of restaurants online and will look for reviews. But in the end you will go with best recommendation which insists that it’s the best. Same happens with applications customers or users rely on reviews go through reviews and with this they search best app. so to complement your app downloads you need influencing, unique reviews which defines your app in the best possible manner.

Top features 

It is indeed the most important point and itself adequate also. Features and functions of an app is what it makes it. Features are the reason for your app’s retention rate, rankings, reviews and ratings. Application features must be unique, different from other similar apps and there must be some features which any other app cannot cheat even deliberately. People download your app and if they liked it they recommend it to others b y writing also and verbally also. Like b612, beauty plus, retrica are very famous today for selfies, videos making with enhanced quality of taking pictures and related themes. They have got some unique features and this is the very reason why approx devices have these apps and their app ratings, reviews and rates are also high. So, downloads will only increase when you really put efforts on your app features.


App store optimisation is a process that needs continuous watch, updates and observation according to changing needs and trends of an app. ASO for Android is different in comparison to doing ASO for iOS. App Store Optimisation is the key to success through which you can directly increase the rate of downloads; there are no. of ways through which you can optimize your app and boost app rankings as well as increase daily installs with more positive reviews and higher ratings and it will ultimately result in bringing your app in top search, in top featured list.

Upgrades and updates

 Most of the apps are today famous because they don’t stand still but they do modifications to enhance quality, features of app. like- whatsapp which is very famous today because it keeps updating itself.

Buying installs

You can buy installs from many companies out there in the market. Just pay necessary attention to check out the company fully from where you are buying first is, sure about its services offered then inspect if they provide actually real installs not the fake ones because fake will only result in brutal punishments like deleting app from the app market. Google or Apple no single app market is idiot and they can find fake apps that’s why it was called that buying installs are not fake, fake can be installers, users so always watch out before buying and prefer professional, smart company who knows its job very well. Always match your budget with the offers and think smartly. Before investing you should be fully backed with knowledge about app market and company too.


1. Keenmobi 

Provides good promotional services such as ratings, reviews, installs, ASO for both iOS and android apps, there you can find path to increase the visibility of your app. Keenmobi is that provider which can provide you service with INDIA targeting or from the whole world. So if you need to order the installs you can connect the Account Manager/ support representative and ask for any details.

2. CPIMobi

They provide necessary amount of installs to attract organic users for a competitive price. It boosts your app to get more installs from real users. They are rewarded with 5ratings and are highly recommended for the promotion of app through buys, they provide service like reward offer walls, campaign creation, traffic sources, analytics, advanced targeting.

3. Rankapp-

Some people highly recommend Rankapp, they have a large no. of users around the entire world, supporting multiple countries and installs types from where you can choose according to your budget, get your app targeted more precisely and increase return on profit effectively. They claim that their prices are competitive and installs are from real users.

4. – service is to help in promotion of android apps. They offer following services; keyword rank boosts, application installs, app ratings and reviews, they give free trail in 20$ after signup. They offer unique, quick and also cheap app promotional services to all kinds of app developers. With them you can promote your app in different countries like-USA, Germany, UK, India, Korea, Japan, Canada, Brazil and Australia.