Why Should You Buy Android Reviews and Installs Services?

Why Should You Buy Android Reviews and Installs Services?

Greeting fellow readers. I hope that you guys are getting benefits from these articles. We are trying to come out with new and new articles to help new developers to understand the aspects of the app market. Daily, we bring to you new articles related to enhancing your app performance in the App Store and following the same line, today we are back with another interesting topic. Today we will talk about the importance of android app reviews and installs and why it is necessary that you buy them. Throughout this article, we will be presenting instances to prove that buying app installs and reviews can be really benefiting and also we will talk about the ways through which you can buy them. Let’s get started then.

How do installs help determine you app performance?

Daily there are thousands of app submissions in the Play Store and close to 400 new app listing every singe day. This is how huge the Play Store is. No doubt that it is the largest app market with close to 3 million active apps. The Play Store provides huge opportunities to new developers to get their apps listed in the Play Store as the rules and guidelines are relatively simpler and easy to follow. Now, when your app gets listed, you start with zero installs and as you progress your app installs rise and so does your app ranking. The more app installs you have, the better your app ranks and the better chances are there to earn profits. Normally it is very hard for new apps to get installs. This is because there are already a lot of similar apps in the Play Store, thanks to the enormous number of apps in the Play Store. Not only that, close to 85% of the audience is dispersed in few apps and this makes it even tougher for new apps to get enough audience. The most effective way to curb this is by following pre-marketing drive prior to your app listing. This will ensure that you have a pre-built audience, thereby increasing your chances to enhance number of app installs. Your app performance is monitored by the number of installs that you app has and the better performing app that is the app with more installs will automatically move above in the app list. This increases the app visibility in the Play Store and also gets you audience as a result of greater app visibility.

How does app ratings affect your app performance?

The importance of app installs was pretty much clear. After all it is the installs that matter. It is these app installs that earn you money and decide your profit. But is that all to it? Certainly not. App ratings too have a very crucial role to play when it comes to app performance. When users want to install an app, they go to the app page and take a look at what the app is offering. After that, they take a look at the app ratings. These app ratings are like user feedback. If the rating is good, it is clear that the app is a good performing one and that there are no bugs or flaws in it. On the other hand, an app with low rating means a poor performing app and people don’t seem to trust the features that your app offers. That being said, it is clear that your app rating has a critical role to play. Only after seeing your reviews, people decide whether they should install that app or not. That is why it is very important that your app has a good app rating. Only after that, you can ensure that people will install your app. Well, there are quite a lot of measures that you can take to ensure that your app has a good rating. Ensuring a good quality of app is the most basic step. You can even ask people to rate your app and you can start a reward scheme to motivate people to rate your app. But what is nothing works out?

Buy App installs and ratings

Both your app ratings and installs are closely related. One thing effects the other and therefore improving any one can change the other one considerably. As being said earlier, people look at the app ratings before installing an app, therefore ensuring a good app rating can help you get more installs. But how can you get rating if people are not installing your app? The answer is pretty simple. Buy them.

There are many sources to buy app ratings and reviews. You can hire app management companies and pay them to get more app installs as well as app ratings. Not only that, you can pay to app management websites and can increase your app ratings and installs. Hiring freelancers is also an interesting option. The ways are many and it is totally up to you to decide which one you are comfortable with. We would recommend you to be as creative as you can with these techniques and again, the most important thing is that your app quality is excellent. Unless you ensure that app is unique, there is certainly no use in investing on app marketing techniques.