How to prepare your car for an adventurous road trip

How to prepare your car for an adventurous road trip

Are you heading somewhere by car? You can in no way be too sure of what you are going to encounter on the road, but you could always be prepared for the worst. 

Here are three methods you may use to prepare yourself and your car for an adventurous road trip:

  • Tyres

Tyres are the first and probably the most important aspect to test, and you can’t go far without good tyres. Before you drive off, ensure that the tyres are in good condition and are inflated to a suitable pressure. If some signs of wear and tear are visible, then it’s better to get a new set immediately. Additionally, ensure that you have a spare tyre handy.

  • Servicing and maintenance 

Replace all fluids, filters and belts and ensure your lighting and turn signals are working effectively. Test your battery and also top up the cells if required. Refill your windscreen cleaner reservoir and get new wiper blades if they’re worn out. It’s also necessary to test your suspension and tune it according to the adventure you’re  heading for. If you push down in your fender and the car is sluggish to return to its normal position upon launch, your shock absorbers may be worn and require replacing.

  • Emergency package

Road trips are full of adventure and surprises. One never knows what they’ll find on the way. Difficult situations are a part of a road trip. Hence,It’s essential to keep an emergency package handy when you’re heading out for a road trip. 

Make sure your emergency package consists of the following:

  • Sufficient water for yourself and the radiator
  • A torch and some spare batteries
  • A GPS tracker or a map of the path you’ll be taking
  • A tool kit with all the necessary tools and spare parts
  • A primary resource package
  • A tyre inflator and pressure monitor
  • A fast and reliable jumper wires

If you plan to dogo for a long road trip, get your vehicle insured under the best car insurance for damage sustained in case of an accident. Anyway, if you own a car in Australia, you’re legally bound to have vehicle coverage: A compulsory third party (CTP). But with the wide variety of alternatives available, deciding on the right insurer that fits your desires can get confusing. 

Choosing a less expensive alternative can be tempting, but if it does not offer the proper form of coverage, it may cost you tons of money in case of severe damage or emergency. So, it is good to understand the sorts of insurance policy available to car owners and the safety every one of them offers.

Comprehensive car insurance is a good insurance policy that offers a vast amount of coverage. If you have plans of driving on tricky terrains, then having good insurance is a mandate. Once you have opted for a good insurance policy and cross-checked the condition of every part of the car, you are set to hit the road. Lastly, everyone needs to remember that Taking proper safety measures for your car ensures your safety.